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Kava has four main therapeutic properties. First it is one of the most powerful of all the herbal antispasmodics especially useful for relieving nervous tension throughout the mind and body. Second, it is an anti-anxiety herb that will quickly almost instantly dissipate effects of the many fears and apprehensions that are so much a part of the hectic lifestyle of nineties. Third, it is an effective diuretic with potent anti-spasmodic and anti-pathogenic properties making it useful for a variety of genito-urinary dysfunctions ranging from cystitis, prostatitis, venereal disease (such as gonorrhea), vaginal leucorrhea (including yeast infections), nocturnal urination and general fluid retention. Fourth, Kava is a carminative that improves appetite and digestion. The combination of these properties makes Kava useful for the treatment of arthritic and rheumatic conditions, which is one of its traditional medicinal uses among South Sea Islanders. Topically, kava can be applied as a fomentation or ointment for mild general anesthesia for the local relief of sore muscles. It can also be chewed and kept in the mouth for the temporary relief of toothaches.

Besides the above described properties and uses, among the many traditional medicinal uses for Kava are as follows:

    anxiety and depression
    to relieve fatigue and to increase energy
    Genito-Urinary tract disinfectant for urinary and reproductive organs infections
    as a cure for rheumatism
    for asthma
    for worms and parasites, a common problem in tropical climates
    for obesity
    as a poultice for headaches
    as a warm sweat inducing tea for the treatment of colds and fevers
    topically for various skin diseases including fungal infections and leprosy



One thought on “Kava Powerful Anti-Stress Herb – Specific Herbs – Planet Herbs

  1. Kava helps a lot with anxiety and supports a more positive mood. I also suffer from slight depression although St. John’s Wort and fish oil have helped that immensely.

    Kava varies quite a bit in different brands. Kavalactones are the main things that give you the calming feeling. You need around 70 mg – 200 mg of Kavalactones to feel a reduction in anxiety.

    I would highly recommend getting high grade kava root powder from a reliable online store (just search google). This works much better than pills (which are much weaker). You need to get kava root powder that is at least 4-5 years old and uses strictly lateral roots. You mix it with water and it tastes like crap but for the effects I can bare drinking it. I need to try some other recipes and see if I can get it to taste better.

    Kava root powder does not cause liver damage. The reason Germany and many other European countries banned it was due to several people having it their system along with alcohol and other drugs. The deaths were attributed to Kava unfairly and independent studies looking into this have said it cannot be blamed on Kava. Plus the Kava they were using was said to be Kava extract with parts of Kava besides the root which can cause liver damage.

    Kava is very safe and a much better alternative to alcohol and other drugs that can be damaging to the body.

    I have been researching Kava a ton since my mom first told me about it. http://www.erowid.org/plants/kava is an excellent site for experiences and more info about Kava. I have learned a ton from other people’s experiences on there.

    I have used weak (2% Kavalactone pills so 12.5 mg of Kavalactones) and I took close to 20 and I started to feel effects but not very strong. I just received my kava root powder two days ago and I tried the powder today for the first time. I took 1 Tbsp and I felt great today. I drank it before going to work and I was there for 7 hours and it lasted all the way through. I had very little anxiety. And 1 Tbsp of root powder is a low amount. They say take closer to 2-3 Tbsp. I will try this tomorrow and report back. I expect nothing but even less anxiety.

    You should definitely be able to feel the effects of Kava. If you think you are feeling a placebo effect or are not sure, you are not taking enough. You will feel the effects if you dose it correctly.

    I have heard tolerance does not build up that much but I will continue to monitor this and report my findings.

    Kava works great for social anxiety and I am so glad I finally tried the root powder. Otherwise you need to take a lot of pills (depending on their amount of Kavalactones) to get effects. And even then I still think powder is the way to go. I highly suggest you give it a try. It is really helping me!

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