Medicinal uses of cayenne pepper.


Cayenne pepper is a super herb. It is touted as more powerful than any other herbs and many natural doctors claim that if you could only have one natural remedy that cayenne pepper would be the one to have to prevent or cure the most ailments.
Cayenne can rebuild the tissue in the stomach and the peristaltic action of the intestines.
Cayenne has been claimed to be able to accomplish amazing feats…how about.the claim of it being able to stop heart attacks dead in their tracks within 30 seconds on ingesting.
How amazing is that even if you could eliminate some of the symptoms to gain more time to get to the hospital.

Tired patients fond that cayenne restores stamina to a tired body. Cayenne pepper enhances cardiovascular performance and acts as an anti inflammatory  medication lessening the swelling in arthritic joints and reducing arthritic pains.
Cayenne is used for the severe pain resulting from fibromyalgia  shingles sciatica, and psoriasis. It could be used for Essential Oils made of cayenne primarily are made to rub on sore muscles for sports injurys especially martial artists. Cayenne warms the area and draws blood there to the site of where the cayenne oil was applied.

Does cayenne keep you healthy?
Many stories and articles are published from people that regularly eat a lot of cayenne peppers in their diet. Many of these people are having remarkable results in not getting sick quite as often as other people.
Coincidentally the author is one of those cayenne loving people as well and will swear that it has magic locked inside.

Cayenne ideas
Enjoy cayenne pepper in many different ways. Put cayenne on popcorn, sandwiches, sauces, soups, meats, vegetables, etc to quickly spice up healthy up your meals.


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