What we should eat and why.

Short History of Mankinds Nutrition
According to many texts ancient man similar to ourselves today had his ancestry in the area known as the “cradles of civilization”also referred to as Mesopotamia.


Geographically the oldest regions where ancient manmade artifacts have been found were specifically along the flood plains of the African Nile River and around modern day IRAQ where the oldest zoo in the world exists today.

Ignorance of the Western Diet

The western diet is far removed from ancient man 10,000 years ago and the problems inherent in not being educated about proper healthcare and nutrition are blaringly obvious. Many health conscious homo sapiens are “waking up” to find they have been addicted to food that is making them ill. Good for you. Stay awake and aware. There’s a good reason for your being here today.

Genetics and evolutionary process in regards to dietary needs

Genetics has proven that our animal DNA evolves slowly much like continental drift it happens so slowly that it is not observed by us (homo sapiens).
We have more knowledge today about diet exercise yet our diets are lacking in balanced nutrients that our hominid ancestors once enjoyed.

Well what should I be eating?
Where should I begin?


Your parents were right… eat your vegetables

The first thing that comes to mind is eat your vegetables 5-10 a day make sure you eat whole grains and drink plenty of water (1/2 gallon or 2L min/day). So many books have been written on the subject of what to eat for optimum health.
Neal Barnard is a great author to start with if you want to learn more.

pH balance your food
Also make sure that the foods you eat are pH balanced. Seriously? Yes! You May not have heard that because theres little money to be made in prevention other than selling magazines (but that’s an even bigger story if your interested in my other cause… consumer protection)

Protect your GI tract
Balancing your pH will enable your digestive system to function as intended and avoid lacerated ulcers that can lead to cancer.

Basic or Acidic?
Green vegetables are generally more basic while fruits and cruciferous vegetables are generally more acidic. That’s why if you pick your own strawberries and you eat too many while doing so you’ll get a stomach  ache (I plead the 5th).

Please do look at this article  and perhaps print the food chart for future reference. This link contains a chart which shows the pH level of various fruits and vegetables.


Enjoy.. and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please do leave them below.


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