How to Treat Ear Infections Naturally – Shalom Mama

Cure ear infections in infants toddlers and children without the use of harmful gut wrenching antibiotics.


Ear infection prevention and cure for infants.
Last night after a log day at long sands beach in York Maine our baby boy was running a fever of 101. My fiance is of course anxious over breaking the fever.

Of course I’m thinking My baby boy already has a little acid reflux.from time to time and I’m thinking I don’t want to bring him to a MD and have him damage his gut flora in an attempt to eradicate the infection causing the ear infection. why put any child through the risk of you dont have to.

Garlic oil and Tea tree oil are the two natural plant remedies that are very well known to herbal pharmacologists (or should I say farmacologists) and
Did you know that essential oils of Garlic, Lavender, and Patchouli all have strong immune system boosting and antibiotic properties and have been used for thousands of years.

Before considering pharmaceutical antibiotics you may want to consider a more direct and proactive rather than reactive approach.


Get inspired to take initiative to change your health because many people still need our guidance and support out there.

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Thanks to Shalommmama for her storey and recipe.

garlic oil to prevent and cure ear infection

Many thanks to shalommama for her storey and recipe.

For the original article see the below link please.


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