The Media Should Stop Pretending Marijuana’s Risks Are a Mystery — The Science Is Clear | Alternet

The media tries to create doubt in the minds of the consumer in regards to marijuana legalization. They want to put doubt in your mind so you will not become educated and stand up for it.

Levels of THC in Marijuana
If you stay up to date on the news eventually you may have heard about people questioning about the levels of THC commonly found in modern-day marijuana being a major concern.

Organic or Bust
Marijuana is the most therapeutic substance known to man if is grown naturally. Unfortunately most of the medical marijuana today is hydroponically grown in chemical fertilizer solutions instead of being grown organically as nature intended.

Hydroponics is a great way to pump up the nutrients in the cannabis plant so that it produces much more THC from the flowering tops(buds) than if grown in a soil medium.
Altering the ratios of chemicals inherently natural in the plants is akin to providing growth hormones to cows, chickens, and pigs. This natural way of thinking leads health conscious medical cannabis patients to question the benefits of smoking or ingesting chemically fertilized hydroponically grown cannabis products.


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